Academy’s New Center

To further advance the mission of the Academy and accommodate its expanding role, presence, activities, and importance, the Academy has launched Linking the Generations: A Campaign for the Academy, as part of intensive efforts to fund the construction of a new and fitting home. In 2012 the Israeli government became a partner the Academy’s initiative, deciding to share in the vision to establish The New Center for the Academy of Hebrew Language that promises to be a site of national significance and a global hub for the living Hebrew language.

The Municipality of Jerusalem has earmarked a piece of land for the new Center in Jerusalem’s National Quarter, adjacent to the Knesset, the Israeli Supreme Court, and the Israel Museum. The new, state-of-the-art facility will enable the Academy to be housed on a prestigious and meaningful site commensurate with its mission. It will extend and strengthen the scope and quality of its interaction with the public, through increased programming and through the world’s first museum devoted to the Hebrew language—its history, development, and revival as a native tongue. Through interactive exhibitions with visual, aural, and experiential components, the museum will engage visitors both intellectually and emotionally, reflecting the centrality of Hebrew to Israeli and Jewish life and culture.

The Hebrew language serves as a major gateway connecting Jews in Israel and the Diaspora; the new Center will broaden and enlarge this gateway. Its planned location, a short walk from so many national attractions, positions it well to become a prominent cultural destination of Israelis and tourists from abroad alike.

For more information about the new Center please click here.

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