Hebrew Day יום העברית תשפ”א

יום העברית תש"ף

As in past years, Yom HaIvrit (Hebrew Day) will be marked on 21st of Tevet – the Hebrew birthday of Eliezer ben Yehuda. This year the Hebrew date falls on January 5, 2021. Since its establishment on the Hebrew calendar on November 18, 2012, by a decision of the State of Israel, Hebrew Day has continued to become more recognized. Each year, more media, organizations and communities join in to commemorate the day, understanding the importance of Hebrew as the foundation of our culture and identity.


The Academy of the Hebrew Language marks Hebrew Day with diverse activities, which receive the attention of hundreds of thousands among the Hebrew-loving public. There are lectures, colorful posters countrywide, interesting fun content on milk cartons, Hebrew-language radio programs, newspaper articles, and well-attended events.


This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Academy will celebrate Hebrew Day virtually. The Academy’s website will host an abundance of programming including videos, quizzes and lectures, free of charge.


To learn more about Hebrew Day and join in the celebration, click here
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