Visit the Academy

The Academy of the Hebrew Language invites those interested to visit the Academy in Jerusalem.

Every year, dozens of groups of students, teachers, lecturers, other interested parties, and the general public visit the Academy. Most of the groups come for a two-hour visit consisting of a lecture and an information session on Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, a pioneer in the revival of spoken Hebrew.

The visitors are welcome to choose the topic of their lecture. The topics offeredinclude issues that the Academy deals with, such as an overview of the Historical Dictionary Project and the Scientific Secretariat, an overview of the Academy’s Committees, presentation of the Academy’s database and more. Visitors are also invited to suggest a topic that is not on the list, that is most relevant to their group.

The information session about Eliezer Ben-Yehuda includes a brief introduction to the man and the period in which he lived and worked, and a visit to Yad Ben-Yehuda – a room where some of his original exhibits are presented. This room includes furniture, books, pictures and certificates as well as notes he prepared for his dictionary, including handwritten entries.

The length of the visit and its focus are determined by the visitors. The cost varies, based on the length of the visit and the number of participants.

To book a tour please contact Yifat Zilberman, Head of the Cultural & Educational Center: [email protected] or call +972 2 6493 548

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