Members and Staff


Academy Staff


  • Prof. Moshe Bar-Asher, President
  • Prof. Aharon Maman, Vice President
  • Executive Board:

Prof. Chaim E. Cohen

Prof. Yehudit Henshke

Prof. Yosef Ofer

Prof. Ofra Tirosh-Becker


Administration and Management

  • Tali Ben-Yehuda, Director General
  • Dorit Lerer, Deputy Director General
  • Shahaf Reich, Assistant to the President and to the Director General
  • Sigal Natan, Chief Secretary
  • Sarit Harel-Mimran, Head of Resource Development (Israeli Association of Friends of the Academy)
  • Reuven Gross, Accountant
  • Orly Biron, Head of Human Resources
  • Chaim Fridman, Sales Coordinator


Periodical Editors

  • Prof. Aharon Maman, Editor of Lešonenu
  • Prof. Yosef Ofer, Editorial Secretary of Lešonenu
  • Dr. Vered Saydon, Editor of HaIvrit
  • Dr. Ya’aqov Etsion, Editor of ’Aqaddem


Department Heads

  • Ronit Gadish, Academic Secretariat
  • Dr. Orly Albeck, External Courses and Professional Development
  • Yifat Zilberman, Cultural and Educational Center
  • Nimrod Furhang, Computer and Information Systems
  • Liza Mohar, Publishing
  • Talik Carmon, Website, Social Media, Public Events


Historical Dictionary Project

  • Prof. Chaim E. Cohen, Editor-in-Chief
  • Prof. Yosef Ofer, Associate Editor
  • Ayelet Harel, Project Coordinator

Section Heads

  • Dr. Alexey (Eliyahu) Yuditsky, Modern Literature
  • Dr. Amir Gaash, Medieval Literature Translated from Arabic
  • Dr. Ariel Shaveh, Medieval Rabbinic Literature
  • Doron Rubinstein, Dictionary Entries


Israeli Sign Language Department

  • Anna Vat, Coordinator
  • Yehonatan Shayovitz, Coordinator


Library and Archive

  • Sarit Amedi, Librarian
  • Dr. Arye Olman, Archivist and Librarian
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