The Structure of the Academy

The Academy is headed by a president, currently Professor Moshe Bar-Asher. The general assembly is made up of members and is the body that approves both administrative and language decisions. New members are chosen by current members. There are approximately five general meetings a year.

Academy members are researchers into the fields of Hebrew language and literature of all time periods, authors, poets, and translators. It is a lifetime membership. 

There are between 15-23 full members (this number includes those under the age of 74) and additional advisory members. There are also honorary members, most of whom live abroad. Members are asked to attend meetings and sit on sub-committees, as well as other tasks. Their work is unpaid.

There are three permanent and central committees: grammar, Hebrew terminology, and words for general usage. Additionally, there are many professional committees in varied fields. All proposals are brought before the general assembly for ratification. 

The Academy employs a staff, including researchers in Hebrew and cognate languages in the Historical Dictionary Project and scientific secretaries, who are the Academy’s public face and advise the general public on Hebrew linguistic matters as well as the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

The Academy also has publishing and computational units.

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